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Thursday, January 11, 2024   /   by Mindy Cintron

Selling Checklist - Thinking to Sell Must Read this Article and Call us today!


What to do before you sell.

We are so excited to help you get your home ready to list for sale. Investing your time, energy and resources into the suggestions below may help you net thousands more on your home.

When you list with Cintron Property Group, your home will be seen by thousands through our unique online marketing. If you have not already set up a time to meet with us, let us show you our cutting edge marketing, market insight, experience and how we use technology and social media to market our listings.

Many of our listings have sold for neighborhood record breaking prices. Since most buyers will first see your home online, having it ready to go for the photo and video shoot is very important.

We will work together to help you prepare your home. Please do not feel the need to have your home show ready before our first walk through. We have sold and closed hundreds of homes. It is very rare that any home is 100% ready to go on day one. Don ...

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Thursday, January 11, 2024   /   by Mindy Cintron

VIP Buyer Program in North Atlanta

What is and How Do I Enroll in the VIP Buyer Program
Cintron Property Group offers an exclusive VIP Buyer Program. When enrolled in this program Cintron Property Group actively searches for not only on market (on this website and all the others) homes for sale but they also look for homes that may not be on the market.  When you are a "VIP Buyer" the team spends many dedicated hours to you making sure we find you the perfect home in your perfect timing. Walking you through the process step by step to ensure a very smooth process. We invite you to join us at one of our Homebuyer Workshops Click Here for Eventbrite to register and serve you dinner while giving you lots of information about buying in Today's Market (this is not mandatory) if you decide to join us we will also give you a certificate for a $500 Closing Cost Credit to help you when buying a home.  $250 an hour for your time and we educate you! 
Does this program cost me money? No, Just loyalty. Whe ...

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023   /   by Mindy Cintron

The Essential Partnership: Why Home Buyers Need a Realtor

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial and emotional investments you'll ever make. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, the process can be complex and challenging. That's where a real estate agent, commonly referred to as a Realtor, comes into the picture. In this blog post, we'll explore the compelling reasons why home buyers should work with a Realtor when looking for their dream home.1. Expertise and Market KnowledgeOne of the primary benefits of partnering with a Realtor is tapping into their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. Realtors understand the nuances of neighborhoods, property values, and market trends. This knowledge is invaluable when you're searching for the right home at the right price.2. Access to Exclusive ListingsRealtors have access to a vast network of listings, including those not available to the public. They can help you discover hidden gems and off-market properties that align with your prefe ...

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Tuesday, September 19, 2023   /   by Mindy Cintron

Navigating a New Chapter: Senior Relocation Specialty Services in Real Estate

As the saying goes, change is the only constant in life, and this holds especially true for our senior citizens. Whether driven by a desire to downsize, a need for more accessible living arrangements, or a transition to senior living communities, seniors often find themselves facing a significant relocation challenge. In the world of real estate, a specialized niche has emerged to address these unique needs – Senior Relocation Specialty Services. In this blog post, we'll explore the essential role these professionals play in assisting seniors through this important life transition.Understanding the Unique Needs of SeniorsThe decision to relocate, especially for seniors, can be emotionally and physically taxing. Leaving behind a home filled with cherished memories is no easy task. This is where Senior Relocation Specialists step in, armed with expertise and empathy.1. Customized Relocation PlansSenior Relocation Specialists start by creating personalized relocation plans for their; ...

Monday, January 2, 2023   /   by Mindy Cintron

Planning To Sell Your House? It’s Critical To Hire a Pro.

With higher mortgage rates and moderating buyer demand, conditions in the housing market are different today. And if you’re thinking of selling your house, it’s important to understand how the market has changed and what that means for you. The best way to make sure you’re in the know is to work with a trusted housing market expert.
Here are five reasons working with a professional can ensure you’ll get the most out of your sale.
1. A Real Estate Advisor Is an Expert on Market Trends
Leslie Rouda Smith, 2022 President of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), explains:
“During challenging and changing market conditions, one thing that’s calming and constant is the assurance that comes from a Realtor® being in your corner through every step of the home transaction. Consumers can rely on Realtors®’ unmatched work ethic, trusted guidance and objectivity to help manage the complexities associated wit. ...

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